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Biological preparations

The innovation, microbial preparations from the company NVP «Bashinkom». Scientific vnedrencheskoe enterprise Bashinkom one of the largest innovative enterprises in Russia, CIS and Europe, with production and laboratory facilities for industrial Microbiology and implementing large-scale production of biotechnological products on technologies providing aseptic conditions of cultivation, the maintenance of parameters in automatic mode and operational control of the production process, incoming inspection of raw materials and acceptance inspection of the products.

The company for 27 years, have built 6 plants now to build the seventh and produce more than 250 types of biotechnology products – about 20 thousand tonnes annually. The total area of the factories is 320 thousand m2 ( 32 ha).

At NVP bashinkom, processed about 6 million hectares in Russia and abroad. Almost 50% of all biologics and bioactivating fertilizers in Russia produces NVP bashinkom. Demand worldwide is an absolute indicator of quality and efficiency. This is a big responsibility! Products meet international standards and the expectations of consumers.

Technology of cultivation of agricultural crops using biological products and fertilizers bioactivating - biotechnology developed by a team of scientists in conjunction with leading research institutes, universities, farmers-practices, tested over large areas in different soil-climatic zones of the Russian Federation, allows to increase the yield by 15-25% by reducing production costs for plant protection and fertilizers by 20-30%. Using NVP bashinkom biological products, farmers depending on the crop receive 1 rouble of expenses - from 2 to 20 rubles of additional profit, and total per year additional products – more than 18 billion rubles.