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Gel fertilizers GroGreen (GroGrin)

Fertilizers GroGreen (GroGrin) are produced in Belgium and provide comprehensive nutrition for your crop.

An innovative and unique product GEL (Gel) - has an exceptional formula with a balanced and effective concentration of micro and macro elements. The product has a very high solubility and is fully adapted to the requirements of crops at different stages of development. High-quality complex fertilizers with NPK - formula, containing nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in the most accessible form for crops. As a result, gel products increase the efficiency of nutrient absorption by plants.


Gel Starter

Grogreen Gel Starter 16-69-16 NPK + Trace elements are a preparation with a high phosphorus content for those stages of culture development in which sufficient absorption of phosphate is crucial, for example, transplantation, root development, flowering. The drug is activated using QPS45, a derivative of humic acid for saline and alkaline soils. This is a complete NPK product further enriched with trace elements such as boron, copper, iron, manganese, zinc and molybdenum.

This fertilizer is often used in drip irrigation due to its high purity and complete solubility.

In the process of dissolving the gel in irrigation water, a decrease in pH occurs, preventing the formation of deposits of salts and liming, facilitating its use in irrigation systems.

This fertilizer is applied to all types of crops and trees.

Application: Apply during intensive growth stages or in very alkaline/saline soils to increase plant resistance or to recover from stress.

Promotes tuber formation, stimulates high-quality and intensive flowering, prevents premature fall of the fetus and improves the development of the root system. Use gel with / or replace traditional water-soluble fertilizers until the plants are fully restored. Recommended dosage: 0.25-1.2 g / l3-8 kg / ha


Gel Vegetative

Grogreen Gel Vegetative 27-27-27 NPK + Microelements are an all-weather universal fertilizer, especially suitable for alkaline and saline soils. It neutralizes bicarbonates, releases calcium from the soil, reduces salt excess in the root zone. NPK complex fertilizer, additionally enriched with magnesium, sulfur and other trace elements, is very versatile and completely soluble in water. The perfect balance of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium makes it one of the most widely used fertilizers for crop growth stages in drip irrigation systems. Grogreen Vegetative Gel is a highly concentrated formulation and requires a small amount of product for maximum effectiveness.

Application: This product can be used with all types of plants: vegetables, fruit trees, tropical crops, etc. Activated with QPS45, a derivative of humic acid for saline and alkaline soils. The very high ability to reduce large levels of soil pH during irrigation and the high availability of all macro- and microelements in the wetted zone of the root system around drip nozzles brings optimal conditions for the absorption of nutrients. Our unique product is packaged in lightweight, single-use packaging. The dosage is conveniently adjustable, due to the composition of the gel and its high solubility, as well as a lower pH, which avoids blocking of drip irrigation equipment. Recommended dosage: 0.25-1.2 g / l, 3-8 kg / ha


Gel Fruit

Gel Fruit 18-11-59 Grogreen NPK+Microelements high-potassium composition, which promotes the maturation, improve the color, improve the sugar content and firmness of fruit. It is suitable for crops suffering from stress conditions such as rainfall, fungal diseases, poor soil conditions, etc. Gel Fruit represents the maximum content of potassium for the growth stage. The drug is activated using QPS45 derived humic acid for salt and alkali soils.It is an effective NPK fertilizer with magnesium, sulphur and other trace elements with improved availability of all macronutrients and micronutrients in the hole with moist root zone around the drip systems. Very effective ability to reduce the high pH of the soil during irrigation creates optimal conditions for the absorption of nutrients. Causing associated the nutrients in the soil, such as calcium, magnesium, zinc, and other elements that become available for supply through the root system.

Application: the Gel is particularly suitable for Fruit, horticultural crops, intensive production of cereals and tree crops. The contribution of sulfur, magnesium and zinc are important in order to achieve a sustainable harvest of high quality.

The advantage of this fertilizer is meeting the high indicators in crop production, increase profitability, since the composition of this gel is adapted to different cultures and regions, and thus safe for the environment, helping to minimise costs. Recommended dosage:0,25-1,2 g/L 3-8 kg/ha


CalciFos Gel

Grogreen Gel Calciphos is an innovative NPK gel feed (9-64-0) + 11Ca + 1Mg + 0.18B + 0.56Zn. Calciphos is intended for drip irrigation and leaf feeding of crops under stress during the most important stages of development, such as tuber formation, flowering, root system development. Strengthens cell walls and improves fruit quality.

Calciphos is a high-tech product that combines phosphorus with a high content of soluble calcium, magnesium, boron and zinc through gel technology.

Calciphos Benefits: Highly concentrated gel, low pH, fully soluble and unique formulation.


Gel Black Magic (Soil Conditioner)

Grogreen Gel Black Magic is a unique preparation for restoration and improvement of soil quality in order to improve plant growth. When using the Black Magic gel, there is a significant improvement in soil aeration, and the moisture permeability and water retention capacity of the soil increases. Recommended for alkaline and saline soils. Calcium displaces sodium obtained by soil with sodium salt water, improving the growth environment of plants.

This solution includes calcium nitrate 12.20%, it also contains 11.40% nitrogen in nitrate form in a rapidly digestible state, a small percentage of prolonged-release ammonia nitrogen and 20.6% calcium oxide, which is completely soluble in water.

Application: Gel Black Magic is ideal for eliminating any problems associated with calcium deficiency in soils, and is also necessary for demanding (capricious) crops such as vegetables, fruit trees and citrus fruits. Improves the appearance of fruits and prolongs their shelf life.

It is especially recommended to periodically apply this gel after using acid fertilizers and in sandy soils, where constant irrigation leaches calcium from the zone of the root system.

Recommended dosage: 2-4 kg / ha

Packing: 1.5kg, 5kg, 20kg.