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Biologic drugs NVP bashinkom

Scientific innovation enterprise Bashinkom is one of the leading biological enterprises of Russia, engaged in the development, manufacture and introduction of innovative products.

Scientists and experts of NVP bashinkom developed and launched more than 250 biological products and well-established technology of their application.

On the basis of a complex of the most effective microorganisms atzelektronik and certified (KEMO and P) are:

  • high-efficiency chemical fertilizers series fitosporin
  • complex bacterial preparation for soil improvement and decomposition of plant residues Stubble-12
  • combined microbial fertilizer Biasf
  • the inoculants for legumes series Rizomas
  • universal preservative for sangiovanni, siloing of green mass-Cilastin
  • started production of microbiological fertilizer organoaluminum Host of fertility
  • for foliar feeding of agricultural crops are developed and produced comprehensive bioaktivatory fertilizer series Bioneks-Kemi soluble and series Bioneks-Kem liquid, as well as plant growth regulators humic fertilizer series Gumi and Boraginaceae fertilizer series Borogan
  • available chelated microfertilizers of series Biopolitic;

From 2017, the company started the launch of a unique Bioprepara-Bilobetin.

The use of biologics production Bashinkom allows to obtain consistently high yields with good quality in almost any weather conditions due to the creation ideal of agrobiocenosis, ensuring the optimum relationship of soil, plants and biota. More detail on the company website