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FARMER-GROUP – association of agricultural producers.

We deliver our grown products to regional and federal retail chains, to state and municipal organizations, to processing companies and many catering establishments.

The specialists of our association provide full support for farms: from the provision of high-quality seed material, solutions for pathogens, plant pests, and their elimination, preparation of a nutrition program for crops, the proper use of biological products and growth stimulants, assistance in the sale of products. All this is done so that in the end, each of the consumers can get high-quality and healthy products.

Today, our commercial association includes not only small and medium, but also large agricultural producers from the Republic of Mari El, the Republic of Chuvashia, the Republic of Bashkiria, Ulyanovsk Region, Samara Region, Nizhny Novgorod Region and other regions of the country.


Advantages of cooperation with FARMER-GROUP

Trust, honesty, integrity. Trust is the biggest asset and the core business and partnerships. Honesty is to speak and act openly with clients and with members of the Association. Integrity, respect and unconditional adherence to all agreements, the interests of the established order of interaction with business partners, clients, colleagues, society.

Sales. Our Association gives a great opportunity for farmers to present their products in major retail Federal and regional chains, as well as processing and municipal organizations.

Savings on costs. Because of the scale, farmers can cut costs by cooperating in such important areas of business as purchasing, processing and marketing.

Tax efficiency. Members of the Association can achieve tax efficiency by means of the "status of mutual trade."

Best practice. Collaboration allows farmers to share knowledge and best practices - improving performance and spreading innovation the next generation.

Research activities. The annual laying of the experiments the seed material allows to identify the best varieties and hybrids of vegetable cultures, while highlighting quality criteria: marketability, storability, palatability, and availability. We test with the use of the protection of biological and chemical agents on these or other culture. Study the market of consumption goods.

Logistics. In our Association work trucks on a regular basis, thanks to that the cargo is delivered in the shortest possible time, without extra charges and intermediaries. Transportation of goods by motor transport allows to carry out delivery to any location specified by the customer at any convenient time.

Innovation. Our Association uses the seed material of the highest quality with all the indicators fully meet the requirements of the Russian legislation. The latest devices are high-accuracy, software development, latest achievements in the field of chemistry and biology — all of which we actively use to achieve maximum results in terms of yields, environmental and quality parameters.